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eBusiness Solutions Service

What is eBusiness Solutions? Let us start this way. You provide a service or have an online store or a subscription-based service. You make sales, but the result is not what you expect. Now here are our questions?

What is wrong with your website? Have you or your website developer selected a correct CMS for your website? Are the pages load fast enough? Maybe you don’t follow the required standards and not everyone trusts you, maybe you have not considered some key features or it is too busy and visitors cannot easily understand it. May be nothing and the problem is your marketing strategy. Every month you spend lots of money on advertising but the result is not what you expected. Mat be something is wrong in your marketing campaign.

Do you know if your pages load slowly, most of the people do not follow other links and leave the site? Are all the pages of your website optimized correctly?

Online presence is vital for any business and considering the changes and improvements in technology, you must adapt your website to the changes regularly. You cannot expect to get a result from what had been created 3 years ago or even earlier.

Based on this necessity, we provide a range of cost-effective, professional and high quality solutions for you.

Selecting a CMS

Some people force developer to create them their website based on WordPress or other ready open-source CMS. However, are you sure that the output of most of these CMS platforms are meet the standards your business needs? Maybe they have not been built for what you want to do. For example, you have 100 products or more to sell online. Selecting WordPress is not a good selection where there are ready e-Commerce solutions such as PrestaShop or Magento. You need an e-Commerce platform, many dealers, distributors, different pricing plans and terms for each of them. For such a scenario, what you need is a custom coded site. If you fall into the limits of ready CMS, you have pushed limits on your business.

We are here to help. We will review your website, provide our suggestions and improvements.

Feel free to contact us.

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