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The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Learners

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, schools have been shut down, and online teaching has taken their place. Educators and parents worry about the fact that students are missing face to face teaching and what effects it will have on their achievements in the future. There are also some concerns that when the pandemic ends and school resumes, the gap between higher and lower-achieving kids will increase. Some experts have considered the possible impact of learning loss and predict what to expect from the next school year.

The answer to the question is a lot more complicated because of the unique circumstances posed by the virus. The school closures have been prolonged, and face to face learning has been made impossible. Teachers, on the other hand, still struggle to adapt to the new system of online learning. Parents have to juggle work and catering to children on a full-time basis. Some parents are burdened with the education of their children due to constraints in their budget. Learners are also faced with anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty about what the future holds. In a lot of ways, the situation is unlike any other for many people alive today.

Troubling Results Are Expected

Experts compared the MAP Growth assessments of 2017 to 2018 of more than 5 million students in elementary school. The assessments can provide estimations because MAP Growth is done multiple times a year. This implies that test scores are available in winter, fall, and spring, so any change in achievement in the year can be explained and anticipated. The results were troubling as they showed that there may be reading and math problems by the start of the new school session in 2021.

Normally, student performance tends to drop during the summer period even if this doesn't apply to everyone. The negative results here are likened to an extended summer since schools are still closed. The projections reveal that students could miss out on a lot of learning despite the online learning systems put in place to continue homeschooling. Students are already referred to as the Covid-19 generation by the New York Times. There will be a lot of work to do to prevent this from continuing in the long term.

Results of the Study

Students may be behind in mathematics, among other subjects. Teachers of different levels may need to collaborate to know how to continue online learning. Educators should also find ways to test students early enough, whether formally or informally. This will help them to understand where they stand academically. Also, students may enter school with inconsistencies in their academic skills. Educators are also advised to consider new ways to personalize instruction or implement individualized teaching.

The study also found that students who lose the most during summers may gain more when they are back in school. Is this the case for Covid-19? Unfortunately, the same will not hold for the pandemic. Nonetheless, students still have a lot of ground to cover when school goes back into session properly. Not all can be covered online. Educators must work with learners to determine the growth rates required to catch up. Learning goals can also be set up to help the student. An obtainable goal is more advisable in this regard. Some students can be introduced to skills that can help them in the future. Bootcamprankings.com has resources to help students find where to learn to code for free. It can go a long way in helping them with the uncertainty and unease the pandemic and lockdown have brought.

Another expected effect is depression. Difficulty concentrating is another symptom to expect, and both factors can affect how learners assimilate what they are being taught. Understanding the impact of the pandemic will help educators to understand the best ways to support the emotional and social needs of students. Some students are already facing a loss of family income, food insecurity, loss of family members, and a morbid fear of the virus itself.


The impacts of the Covid-19 virus cannot be quantified fully since it is still very new. It is only possible to predict the effects it will have on some aspects of the educational system. It is now clear that student achievement in some subjects may drop drastically, and it may be difficult to catch up for many students since there is a lot to cover. Students are advised to enrol for skills training, and a great place to start is Jobtraininghub.com.


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