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Which Platform Should I Use For My Online Store?

WordPress is a common CMS that most of the small businesses use these days. It is easy to use, there are many attractive themes available for it,  and there are numerous plugins available to everything with it. But does this really mean you must use it as a platform for your online store?

If you have a few items to sell, you can use it, however, if you have many products, think about a real shopping cart and forget about WordPress. For different activities, there are targeted and optimized CMSs available and they are more powerful than WordPress. For online stores, Prestashop and Magento are the best and favourite shopping carts. If you run a small business and have less than 50 products to sell, you can use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, otherwise, forget WordPress.

The reason is simple. Professional shopping carts provide all the options that an online store need. They can manage hundreds of products easily and very fast, and they support major payment gateways. They manage product images in a more efficient way and can offer your products in different currencies based on the exchange rates you define. They support multiple languages and by adding support of each language and country, your site will have all the translations of system messages, menus, buttons, tax rates, etc. And most of all, shopping carts are more secure than WordPress.

Which Platform Is The Best For Your Online Store?

Consult with some professional developers and ask for their advice. provide as many details as possible in order to receive a better response.


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